We know all of our readers are going through a tough time right now. I can’t think of a single industry not impacted by this global crisis. There are dentists, chiropractors and most healthcare professionals completely shut down right now. Other industries are having to lay people off, shut their doors and face the uncertainty and strife ahead. It’s hard to imagine when even the possibility of opportunity will come about again.

Some of you may be able to work virtually, but I know that is impossible for many of you working in a medical practice. You can’t do a filling over the phone or a root canal via Zoom.


Making Working Remotely Work for You

Smart Asset Opportunities has been working as a virtual team for over three years — since the very inception of SAO. I’ve always wanted a “backpack business”, one where you can work anywhere and everywhere. Just add an internet connection and you’re in business! I’m lucky enough to have that now. Technically, I don’t need an office but I have one because home is too distracting. Specifically, our dogs are too darn cute and I can’t get any work done around them!

When you are working without structure, without an office or other people around, it’s easy to get distracted. I can’t tell you how easy it is for me to get stuck on a tangent, down a rabbit hole and before you know it, an hour is lost. With that kind of freedom, you need to create discipline and structure in your work routine.

For me, my normal routine is waking up around 5:00-5:30am, I walk the dogs and then work out. From there I get to the office or wherever my “workstation” is and start getting productive around 8:00am. Two days a week I meet with a personal trainer at 7:30am, in which case my day starts a little later. I typically work through lunch so that my meetings don’t drag too late into the evening. That’s the schedule that works for me — you will have to find yours.

You can read about how to hold virtual meetings on Zoom and Microsoft teams from a million different sources (for example, check out how to build a productive remote organization). What I want to offer this week is more than just tips and tools for remote working.


Looking for Opportunities

I know most people are anxious right now. And, rightly so. It is an uncertain time. But I want to remind you all that we have weathered these storms before. That’s not to diminish the impact this pandemic has had on so many people, but where there is struggle there is opportunity.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees?” It means there are opportunities in front of you, if only you can see them. At SAO, for us that means helping people understand how they can still responsibly invest their money during these times. In real estate we can see those off-Wall Street opportunities that a traditional investor may not.

Even as a business owner, these times are scary and uncertain. As leaders, we have the opportunity to step up and continue leading with hope and confidence. That’s the opportunity I am facing. At SAO, we’re also cutting back, justifying every line item and adapting in the short term so we can make it in the long term. Our mission is still to get people to their freedom point — that much hasn’t changed.

For most people and businesses, including SAO, this period in time is a pivot point. By pivot point I mean it’s not going to be business as usual. For example, orthodontics is totally going to be blown out of the water by this. I think we can expect to see a lot more remote-style orthodontics such as Smile Direct Club and Invisalign because people are starting to realize that it’s an option for them. I think colleges are going to feel a huge impact in decreased enrollment simply because people see they can take classes online, and why not? In both these scenarios, opportunities are created.

My request to you all is to look for your opportunities. Where can you bring new value to people? What are ways you can get creative in service delivery, new income streams or online work? People are scared and looking for leaders. People are looking for leaders to step up with confidence, hope and to offer direction. Can you rise to the challenge?


Just Remember…

If you remember just three things from this week’s post, I want you to remember these words:

  • Hope
  • Opportunity
  • Leadership

We’re thinking of all of you and wish you health and safety!


When You’re Ready, We’re Here

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Break through Uncertainty: Finding Hope, Opportunity and Leadership
It might seem hard to hold on to hope right, now, but the first step to overcoming a challenge is the find the opportunity in it. And it takes leadership.