Ross is one a of kind. They broke the mold after him. He’s the poster child for self-improvement – to an extreme. His thirst for knowledge and education is hard to match. He could easily rest on his laurels and enjoy the benefits of his accomplishments. Instead, Ross’ new mission is sharing his knowledge with other high-achievers so they can also enjoy true financial freedom. Ross is one of those rare people I trust implicitly.” – Dr Phil Z.
“I have known Ross Stryker for 3 years now,  having met him at the Freedom Founders mastermind group.  We have spent many weekends and many hours studying multiple investment modalities within the real estate arena.  Ross is the consummate student of real estate investing,  having studied and explored with many experts in the field.  I always learn something new when I speak with Ross.  I admire and respect his unending quest for knowledge and his willingness to share with others.  I always seek his advice on my investment choices.” – W. Randall Cline, DDS
“I have known Ross Stryker for 3 years and trust him completely to do what is best for all concerned.  We have been involved in many transactions and have worked together structuring several others.  Now Ross has embarked on a new path, a path to help others achieve the same financial freedom that he has found by educating others to take charge of their own finances.  He has replaced his transactional income (exchanging hours for dollars) with passive income by studying and taking action – he will help you do the same.” – John H
“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Ross Stryker for the past 3 years. He is a man of great character, integrity and is a great friend and business partner. Ross and I have joint ventured on over 15  real estate investments through these years.  In a very short period of time I have seen him transition himself from an orthodontist to an accomplished real estate investor, amazingly has replaced his practice income with passive real estate cash flow income!  His knowledge and ability to vet investments is second to none! I strongly recommend and endorse Ross Stryker!” – Glenn Stromberg

“When I am vetting my investments, Ross Stryker is one of the people that I trust to give me his perspective on the deal. He and I have been in several joint venture investments and I really appreciate his ability to see all the angles on a deal. He has been a key advisor, mentor, and financial friend on my path to financial freedom.” – Anonymous


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