It’s Fourth of July weekend and all week long we’ve been celebrating 243 years of our nation’s independence. When you start to think about the true significance of this holiday (fireworks and hotdogs aside) and what our country stands for, it can be very inspirational and energizing.

I will be the first to admit that of course our country isn’t perfect. But I do believe, for many it is the land of opportunities.


America: Land of Opportunities

I can’t think of another nation in the world where a first-generation immigrant can come to a country with just pennies in their pocket, and wind up a successful millionaire, if not billionaire.

And yet, folks like many of us, second-, third-, fourth-, fifth- and sixth-generation Americans don’t see the opportunity and promise that their relatives saw. Often, we just see the hurdles, the obstacles, the reasons “why not”. Maybe we’re not as well-trained to find those opportunities, or maybe we’re just not motivated enough.

In America, you have nearly endless opportunities to reinvent yourself; to fail and fail, only to later rise to the top. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg — all dropouts (read: “failures”), and yet they became some of the wealthiest individuals in the whole world.

Another legend, Arnold Schwarzanegger, gets a bad rap for some of his questionable life choices, but let us not forget that he came to this country without a dime to his name, barely speaking English and wound up being one of the world’s biggest movie stars, and Governor of California as a Republican in a state that’s only about 30% red.

He saw opportunity and he ran straight at it. (By the way, I love this video: Six Rules of Success from Arnold Schwarzanegger).


Don’t Let The Opportunities Pass You By!

Have you ever read an article, watched a show or been in a store and saw something that made you say, “Hey! That’s my idea!” The rest of the day, you’re kicking yourself for not following through with the million-dollar idea you’ve had for years.

Where does that lack of follow-through come from? Why don’t we chase more opportunities; more new ideas?

I see opportunity every time I travel to Belize, and I always ask myself, “Why isn’t anyone doing that yet?” And, I’m sure there are folks who could say the same thing in our area of Missouri.


Opportunity is at every corner. Do you see opportunity? Or, do you see hurdles?

What is the message playing in your head? What do you think about every morning when you wake up? The start of a new day, or just another day to get through?

This Fourth of July, let’s celebrate new opportunities! Let’s celebrate moving towards that better version of ourselves; the version that goes after what we want and does things with purpose.

After all, we are Smart Asset OPPORTUNITIES.

And as usual, contact us when you are ready for alternative investment opportunities.

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Land of Opportunities - Have You Found Yours?
When was the last time you saw opportunity instead of a hurdle? See why finding opportunities is how we are celebrating the holiday this July!