Our Story

Ross Stryker, CEO

Ross Stryker is a founder and CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities – which helps educate busy small business owners to take charge of their own financial freedom plan. He practiced dentistry and specialized in Orthodontics for over 35 years – 12 of those years were while serving in the US Army – reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and later in private practice where he grew one of the largest single doctor practices in the country.

Ross has owned 40+ single family homes and written two books – one specifically on real estate investing. He has been part of 4 different masterminds (three of which he continues to be part of with quarterly meet ups, monthly calls, etc) attends additional conferences, seminars and meetings with elite real estate investors. He knows that unlike wall street where insider information will get you thrown in jail – in real estate investing – that is where the real opportunities can be found. It is not the asset that makes the opportunity work – it’s the people behind the asset.

Having participated in a multitude of commercial projects, including Self Storage facilities, mobile home parks, office complexes, ATM purchases, a coffee farm in Panama, apartment complexes and even a resort in Belize. Ross has invested in and in many cases helped with capital raises on projects worth 10’s of millions of dollars. His latest project is StoreEase of Fultondale. An $8.9M development with over 700 units of self storage. He is passionate about getting money out of the wall street casinos and putting it to work on main street in safe, tangible investments.

Ross believes in the power of joint ventures in assets that have proven tax advantages and high returns that will keep you ahead of inflation and interim taxation – two “thieves” that steal retirement dreams.

Ross is most passionate about helping people get educated. SAO has never been about giving people advice. It’s about giving them the tools to discover more on their own while providing information to help them make informed, educated decisions so they can take charge of their own financial futures – get their money out of the wall street casinos and get it to work on main street and be as active or passive in that arena
as they desire to be.

Ross formed Smart Asset Opportunities out of a passion and a need to serve his “tribe” as he calls them. A successful entrepreneur he’s committed to sharing the wealth, so to speak, and the numbers and testimonials don’t lie.


We are devoted to helping and serving.


Our passion drives our will to succeed.


We readily give more than is necessary or expected.


We give others support, confidence, and hope for the future.


Our intentions are sincere, truthful and free of deceit.

Our Values


We’ve been very blessed to find a network of people and a path that has worked well for us. We believe if you have a solution to somebody else’s problem, you are obligated to share that solution. To whom much is given, much is required. We wish to share what we’ve learned with others. We want your money working for you rather than you working for your money.  


We only work with those who have a purpose, who know their WHY. If your only motivation is to just make a ton of money, you’re not going to be the right fit. Come to us with your WHY and it would be our pleasure to help you. We want to work with those who want to be educated, want to give back, are generous and have integrity.


We want to work with those who ask questions, seek information, want to be educated, want to give back, are generous and have integrity.
We firmly believe the most important thing is whom you work with, not what you are investing in.


Our core philosophy is “No more lazy money!” We make our money work for us, every day, month and year. We invest in real estate, joint ventures, short- and long-term loans, and so on. If your money is making anything less than 6%, you’ve got lazy money on your hands! We’ll help you fix this fast, so you don’t lose out on another cent.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


Learn how much you need to comfortably retire and how to prepare for your future investment opportunities.

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