Last week I came into contact with an amazing investment opportunity! It’s meant to develop a 600 acre piece of property with its own interstate exit and underpass. And this would then create something that will potentially change a lot of lives.

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? You never know where your connections may lead you. And that is the point of this week’s blog. But first, let me back up a bit and tell you about the property.


The Story of this Investment Opportunity

On a recent trip to Birmingham to sort out some details on the Fultondale self-storage facility, I met with my general contractor buddy and his wife to visit a property. We actually received an invitation to tour it, even though I knew a little about the property. But I certainly was not prepared for what I encountered.

When we arrived at the massive iron gates of the property, there was quite a welcome committee: the town Mayor, a County Commissioner’s representative, local economic development team and a rep from the Veteran’s Administration. They acted as our guide and historians to the property, giving us all the details of who, what, when and how the property landed in their responsibility. But most of all, how they hoped to develop it.

The 600 acre property includes a massive mansion, an equally sizeable barn and office, an underground roadway beneath the interstate, and endless open fields. I am not at liberty to include specific information or photos quite yet, but just know the property is incredibly impressive. A wealthy coal-mining patriarch owned this property. He invested in other assets including real estate, accruing to a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, sadly, both parents realized their children were not capable of running the property. So they opted instead to leave the property to the local municipality to create a family legacy. The family always intended for their land to serve a greater purpose to their community. Thus, we found ourselves there on this special tour.

We toured the home, the barn and the office space. As I looked out the back windows at the sprawling landscape, I couldn’t help but think I was at the Alabama version of Versailles. And, I’m only kidding a little here.


It’s Also About Who You Know

I also couldn’t help but think, “who am I to be invited to give my opinion on how to develop this land?” That’s a tall order and a great invitation! I do have connections and experience that give my recommendations weight. But still, I was amazed by the people who took time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us and get our ideas. They have oodles of other professionals, including engineers, architects, commercial, industrial and retail experts also offering insights. And they valued our opinions as entrepreneurs equally as much.

As I said at the start of this post (and in many other posts), you never know where your connections will lead you. This opportunity, while I’m not sure if I will have any involvement at all, is a whole lot bigger than owning a storage unit business in Fultondale, Alabama.


Always Be Prepared for the Right Investment Opportunity

The point is, get your foot in the door or your toes in the water. Just see where opportunities will lead you and be open to the possibilities. When I bought my first few single-family homes, I never imagined it would lead to this. When I thought about retiring from my medical practice, I never imagined it would lead to a project of this scale. And yet, here I am.

I hope you find some inspiration and encouragement in these words. I hope you’ll take action and chase down that thing you’ve been searching for, whatever it may be.

As always, when you’re ready to discuss opportunities, we’ll be here.

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