Regardless of income bracket, you might outlive your money.

That’s a tough pill to swallow and there’s no way to sugarcoat it. In fact, it’s exactly the realization my wife and I had that finally forced us to snap out of it and rethink the financial advice we’d been fed for decades.

Pretty quickly we realized a couple of things:

  • The stock market is not our ticket to financial freedom.
  • Our IRA and 401k were also NOT the answer.
  • You can basically forget about precious metals serving you the entirety of your retirement.
  • Our financial advisors, while good-intentioned, were drinking the “conventional financial wisdom” kool-aid, too!


One thing was absolutely certain to both Mary and I: we didn’t want to work for the rest of our lives or retire to a lifestyle below our current standards.

So what did we do?


The First Steps to Investing in Yourself


We stopped blindly accepting every piece of financial advice we got. Instead, we invested in ourselves through EDUCATION.

We found like-minded individuals and mentors, took trainings, read books, listened to podcasts, and traveled the country to meet with group and individuals with the same investing principles and philosophies that we could wholeheartedly get behind.

One such individual, Buck Joffrey is a good friend and colleague of ours who truly understands the importance and power of investing in yourself to achieve financial freedom.

Whenever we learn of something new, whether that be an investment opportunity to educational resource, the first thing we want to do it share with YOU — our Smart Asset Opportunity community.


The Wealth Formula

Buck recently released a fantastic training program, The Wealth Formula, and I’m not going to twist your arm, but I seriously feel you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not at least checking it out.

Buck has an incredible story: starting with his journey as a board-certified surgeon, and how after being “canned”, he pulled himself out of complete devastation and discovered the only TRUE path to financial freedom is through investing. And the greatest ROI is always investing in yourself first!

Take a look at Buck’s revealing story and video, here.

I promise you’re going to be astounded by what you learn, such as:

  • Why conventional financial wisdom is completely WRONG;
  • Why your financial advisor will probably die broke… like most of your peers; and
  • What you can do to FINALLY make sure you don’t outlive your savings.


Seriously — watch it NOW.


Watching the video is just the tipping point because the real reason you need to invest in yourself and your financial education is so you can create enough wealth to give back to the people, causes and organization you truly care about.

That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

I so believe in Buck’s material and investment philosophy because we share a similar purpose: to help as many people achieve financial freedom as possible.

Buck’s training will accelerate your path towards that goal. I wouldn’t recommend it, if I didn’t believe it is EXACTLY the resource you need.


Take it from me, who has invested in countless trainings, books, and other resources to grow my investment education — INVEST IN YOURSELF.



For questions or inquiries about Buck’s training or something else, get in touch here or email me at


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Financial Freedom Means Investing in Yourself
Investing in yourself, then helping others with your positive outcomes. That is our goal with financial freedom investing. Read here on how to start!