When we spoke about how to become an educated investor, one of the primary points we hit on was taking advantage of the multitude of resources available to you; especially books and podcasts.


One of our greatest recommendations is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, written over 80 years ago in 1937.


Pretty impressive when you think about how few books from the early 20th century, ESPECIALLY finance-related, are still as relevant. We can even say Mr Hill’s famous book on personal development, financial freedom and self-betterment is highly sought-after.


If you’re reading this book, chances are you’re interested in financial freedom and making lucrative investment decisions that align with your goals. This book will help you achieve that.


However, this book is also for anyone who wants to find their purpose in life or just become a better, more fulfilled human.


I highly recommend you read this book. And once you read about the 13 principles Hill discusses, I’m convinced you’ll be rearing for more.


Here they are:


1. Desire

If you don’t want it, no one else is going to want it for you. Desire is what motivates you and what inspires you to take action; even to become better than you are.

Desire is different from wishing, where wishing is a focus on “lack of.” Desire is when you crave results. With desire, you will be willingly forced into action.


2. Faith

This is the belief that what you desire will happen. We have the power to manifest our own destinies. When you have faith or belief that something will happen (or will not happen), your actions inherently align with that outcome (or lack thereof.)

The more you have faith something is true and real, the more likely it will actually become so.


3. Auto (Self) Suggestion

Have you ever felt unworthy of something, or like a certain goal isn’t possible? You probably don’t even have a concrete reason why you think the way you do. But this negative thought pattern is actually holding you back from realizing your desires.

Work on affirmations of what you want to come true. Take some quiet time to reflect on those affirmations. And keep positive outcomes at the forefront of your mind (even if you don’t believe them yet.)


4. Specialized Knowledge

With a few clicks of your mouse, practically any information you could ever want is available. With that in mind, knowledge isn’t what will make you successful. Using your specialized knowledge and applying it to your desires will bring you success.

Always been curious to learn and grow more.


5. Imagination

Picture yourself achieving the success you most desire. Do that often enough and eventually your dreams will start to take form in reality.


6. Organized Planning

Plain and simple: you need a plan. Success, no matter to what extent or form, doesn’t happen from just “winging it.” Putting something on paper; making it concrete will make your goals more actionable and real.


7. Decision

Indecision can be debilitating and inhibit you from the thing you need most: to take action. Yes, you need to make decisions carefully and as we mentioned, a plan is essential. But all that planning and deliberating ultimately has to turn into action.

Making a decision and taking action, even if it turns sour, is better than habitual indecision.


8. Persistence

Imagine if the first time you rode a bike and fell off, you just quit. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Listen, things are not always going to go your way. There will be hiccups, roadblocks and even failures. But that’s no cause to stop trying. If it’s something you truly desire, you will work and strive to make it happen, no matter how hard the climb.


9. Mastermind

We talk about this A LOT at SAO: aligning yourself with like-minded individuals. Your network is your net worth.

If you surround yourself with naysayers and unambitious folks, you’re bound to get swept up in the same mentality. Always be on the lookout for people who LIFT YOU UP, inspire you and motivate you to achieve your goals, and become the best version of you.


We can help.


10. Transmutation

Everyone has an innate sexual energy that makes them more appealing and charming to other people.

When you can channel that energy into your imagination and actions, you will attract the right people who can help you (and who you can help) get you where you want to be.


11. The Subconscious

News flash: your personal beliefs are what will limit (or advance) you most. Your subconscious mind holds the keys to your success; when you can quiet the negativity, you will achieve true success.

Achieving internal content is best achieved through meditation.


12. The Brain

You can actually “trick” your brain into believing your affirmations. Simply by visualizing a desired outcome, you can convince your brain it is already real and thus manifest it into reality.

Let’s take a simple example: say you want to run a mile in under 9 minutes. Maybe your first attempt takes 10 minutes. But by visualizing yourself at that sub-9 minute marker everytime you run, eventually you’ll be at 9:45, 9:25, 9:05 and so on, until you achieve your goal.

The power of the mind is astounding.


13. The Sixth Sense

This has nothing to do with seeing ghosts — this is your intuition, your “gut feeling.” We’ve all been there before; when for some unknown reason you just knew.

When you tune into your subconscious you’re able to tap into a profound connection with the universe, which will ultimately lead you to the right decisions.


This is a POWERFUL book, and I recommend you all get your hands on a copy.

When you’re ready to learn more about our opportunities and how they can help you achieve financial freedom, we’re here.


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Why 'Think And Grow Rich' Is Relevant Over 80 Years Later
Success is not just handed to you; you have to own it. Learn why 'Think And Grow Rich' is relevant over 80 years later. Here are 13 ways how to do just that.