So many of our investors want to do well by doing good things at the same time. That is to say, they are looking for good returns but also looking to leave a legacy and have a positive impact on people.


So, with that in mind, the latest from our side is a project going on in the Jaramillo region of Panama, where we’ve acquired ownership of some land parcels on a coffee farm.


This is a seriously unique, impactful, and all around AWESOME project.


So, what makes it so great?


Two words: social impact.


Sure, most investors want to get that 8-10% return. But it’s also about putting your money towards something that will have a lasting and meaningful impact. Imagine how your investment can change the world and can change lives, while still earning a healthy return.


We all want to make double digit returns – but what if you could do that and raise the standard of living for subsistence farmers, build housing for them, and build schools for their children at the same time?


If you have visited rural areas in Central America, as I have, you realize – farmers are not the farmers we have in our country. These farmers are working with their hands, not machinery. They have no skills other than being able to use a machete or a shovel. They end up injured or physically broken in their 30’s and 40’s in many cases.


Imagine investing in opportunities that pay you a great return, but also change lives and change the world as well? 


How amazing would that be? Well, you can do just that.



What to Know About the Farms

These land parcels are located in what are known as “Raw Land” farm with high altitude, virgin soil, water access and micro climates that are ideal for engineering farms.


The farms are clustered together into nearby groups, so transportation logistics for the workers is more manageable. With farms in groups, we are also able to build larger, more accessible and centralized accommodations for the workers and their families.


Most notably, workers are paid a decent return. And 20% of all profits are put into quality of life investments for the people of this region. After all, they are on the ground making this all happen, alongside scientists and our on-site team.


A good chunk of money is dedicated to access. That is, access to and through the farms. Given the altitude and terrain, these land parcels are not easy to reach, and require extensive road-building.


These expenses and other logistical expenses are unavoidable and necessary, in order to make good on the pro forma projections. On top of that, roads help the local communities and make their daily life more convenient and manageable.


With these considerations, access, development and production are made a whole lot easier — both from our perspective (as investors) and local communities.



We are excited about this project in Panama, but we also know there could be skepticism because of the location.


You might ask: Isn’t it risky to invest your money in overseas ventures?


Here’s my answer: Isn’t it risky to put all your eggs in one U.S. investment basket?



Something Else to Think About

Remember 2008? Yeah. The financial meltdown that nobody was ready for.


What’s going to happen in our own country when this $21 trillion deficit turns into $100 trillion deficit?


Countries like China and other lenders will eventually be asking for that loan back. Even with a low interest rate now, it will still go up.


Another scary thought: what happens when the interest rate on that debt goes up to 8 or 10%? Ouch.


So, you might be nervous about investing overseas, but I hope you see my point about the immense risk of having holdings ONLY in the U.S.



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