Is it possible to make money while doing something good for the environment?

Yes, it is!

Every year, feeding the world’s ever-expanding population becomes a bigger and bigger problem.

Not just on the individuals, but also on the farmers and our precious Earth.

In fact, agriculture is one of the most detrimental activities to our planet:

  • 70% of freshwater contaminants are attributed to agriculture practices.
  • 70% of freshwater is used solely for the purpose of agriculture.
  • ⅓ of our Earth’s arable land is degraded due to agriculture.

Yet, we have to eat!

And better yet, we have a new way to invest in eating, so to speak.

Luckily for us, some brilliant scientists and agriculture gurus have come up with a sustainable, affordable and healthy alternative to traditional farming: vertical farming.

Vertical farming is taking cities by storm: popping up in places like Singapore, Panama, the UK and even here in the US, especially in overpopulated, dense cities.


What Is Vertical Farming?

It is a new method of farming that utilizes vertical surfaces to grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and other foods.

In the traditional farming style, foods are grown on a flat, expansive surface such as in a field or greenhouse. Vertical farming is literally reaching new heights by stacking layers of smaller grow plants in tall structures like warehouses, skyscrapers, shipping containers and so on.

Crops are managed with artificial light from LEDs, and ultra-controlled for factors such as light, humidity and air quality that maximize output and produce fresh, high-quality crops.



Why Is Vertical Farming Good for the Earth?

Several reasons! Here are just a few…


1. Vertical farming reduces carbon and gas emissions

It heavily decreases or even eliminates the need for long-distance transport of produce.

For example, in urban areas such as New York City, there are no field or greenhouses in the city to support the millions of mouths to feed. In that case, trucks, planes and trains need to ship the produce in, and leave a nasty carbon footprint in their wake.

We can build vertical farms anywhere; they are perfect for cities, making produce more accessible and eco-friendly without the need for long-distance transport.


2. Less impact on the environment

Those same stats cited at the beginning of this article are all relative to “traditional” farming. Vertical farming eliminates them, since it utilizes less water and grows produce in soil-alternatives like reusable cloth made from recycled plastic.


3. No herbicides or pesticides

Vertical farms are highly-engineered spaces and don’t have to fare against the elements of nature, thus eliminating the need for herbicides and pesticides.


4. Vertical farms can grow year round

Unlike traditional farms, there are no specific grow or harvest seasons. Year round farming reduces the impact on the environment and necessity of our arable land to max out its potential in a short seasonal period of time.

Yet another benefit with this? You bet!

Not having to sacrifice taste for “shelf life.”

Since produce (such as tomatoes) is usually grown to sustain a long truck ride across the country, it often lacks in taste.

However with vertical farming, you can have heirloom tomatoes (for example) all year round- not just summer- and they will taste as they should: like a fresh tomato grown only feet away from you!


Why Do Investors Love Vertical Farming?


  • The technology is reputable.

The data is credible and confirmed. What the vertical farming industry needs now are investors to support the training of skilled workers, scientists, engineers and growers to make these systems possible.


  • It’s eco-friendly.

Why not put your money towards something that is making a BIG difference?

Vertical farming is something investors can be honored to be a part of, for our Earth.


  • It’s still a growing trend.

Right now, vertical farming has yet to hit the mainstream and is still gaining steam. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor before things take off.


Vertical Farming is a topic we love right now. We are even working on a possible investment opportunity in the very near future!

Want to see more? Check this out!

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