It seems (as you’ve probably gleaned by now) that I live my life on the road. This past week, I spent four days at a Real Estate course, where I think I was the only one in the room who was not an agent.


This was a commercial real estate course. Yet most of the opportunities I participate in, these real estate folks weren’t very familiar with. It’s almost like this invisible behind the scenes world, that they know exists, but don’t know too much about.


Private placements, syndications, off-shore investments, and the type of investor groups we bring together, were totally foreign concepts to them.


I say all this not to boast about how great and knowledgeable we are. I am just pointing out that these real estate agents represent the mainstream, and what investors are exposed to via their agents. In other words, they’re only getting a piece of the puzzle, and not a big one at that.



Unveiling the Commercial Real Estate World


The realm SAO operates in is the world Robert Helms and Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys introduced me to. Just this upcoming weekend there’s an amazing course, Secrets of Successful Syndication. It helps people like me and you learn how to put together our own real estate opportunities.


Now, I know it’s too late for you to register and go this weekend. However, I want you to start reading their blog, listening to their podcast, and becoming familiar with these guys. And then when they hold the event again in March, you’ll be ready to go!


When you look at our business resume, a lot of the opportunities we’ve been involved with have come from Robert and Russell. That says a lot about the strengths of their group.


What I like most is that membership to their mastermind is totally affordable, making these kinds of events accessible to a whole range of people. When you consider the possible partnerships and opportunities you’ll come across at their events, the numbers really add up.


Listen, I know it’s not cheap to give up days at work, buy a ticket to their event, travel and stay at a hotel. But the reality is you’re just not going to be able to get this done on your own. You have to work with others.



As A Real Estate Investment Team, We Are Stronger Together Than Alone


Think of it this way: insider trading on Wall Street gets you thrown in jail. But insider information in real estate makes you wealthy, and is totally legal. Your network is your net worth! You have to get out and meet people to make this happen.


More importantly, the Real Estate Guys events are not a “run to the back of the room for the first three people ONLY” kind of deals. There’s no “catch” or gimmick. And they’re not trying to sell you anything or take your money. Believe me, if it were so, I wouldn’t be there.


These guys are trying to help you get where you want to go faster, and they’re determined to do the right thing. Their first priority is always to protect their investors. If someone is part of their tribe and not acting ethically, they won’t be a part of that tribe anymore. Simple as that.


It’s very clear that doing things the right way is a very important part of who they are and how they operate. That energy and those ethics rub off on the people that come to their meetings. These are the kind of people you’re going to meet when you attend.



See For Yourself: Why You’ll Want The Real Estate Guys in Your Corner


Nothing is guaranteed. I’m not saying if you go to their meetings or join their mastermind, you’re going to become a real estate billionaire. But getting with the Real Estate Guys can certainly increase your odds. Don’t get me wrong — you still have to put in the work!


I strongly urge you to start listening to their podcast each week. This way, you’ll get a feel for who they are and which topics speak to you. You’ll find they are incredibly insightful, not just about real estate investing, but many facets of the industry as a whole.


What you’ll learn is that you can’t just look at one asset class and call it a day. You have to widen your scope and not get too specialized.


I’d also encourage you to take advantage of their weekly blog digest that goes straight to your email. They’re usually quick, easy reads but jam-packed with content. You can find the sign-up on their homepage on the top right.


Keep an eye on the Real Estate Guys events, especially their Secrets of Successful Syndication coming up in March!



Until then, we here at SAO welcome any questions about alternative investing. Find out how we can help you start your journey to financial freedom. You can contact us here anytime.


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Investor Resource: The Real Estate Guys
Alternative investing in real estate is not a solo sport. It is a team game where all members benefit from each other. See here how the Real Estate Guys inspire us with their events and insightful information.