Let me tell you a little bit about my good friend, Buck Joffrey. Buck’s father immigrated to the U.S. from India to get an education, and with very little money ended up becoming a multi-millionaire through real estate investing.

Buck, on the other hand went the traditional education route, spending years in medical school, training to become a brain surgeon. Then, after completing his degree, he realized he was in the wrong field. Buck was born to be an entrepreneur. It’s what he’s good at. He followed his passion and is now living exactly the life he wants: teaching and sharing with others about how to find their own financial freedom.



I met Buck indirectly through the Freedom Founders Mastermind. Namely, through hearing him interviewed on Jim Ingersoll’s podcast, a mentor of FFM. I was immediately drawn to Buck, and it makes sense for a couple reasons. Not only was Buck also a physician and shared a medical background like me, but the way he expressed things just resonated with me. I like to call it “common sense wisdom.”



Before I go any further, I want to let you know that I will be recommending one of Buck’s programs. I am not receiving any compensation from recommending this program. I think you should buy this program because it’s an exceptional product, and exactly what you need if you’re serious about your financial freedom.


Now, back to your regular programming…


Why Buck Joffrey Is An Inspiration

Once I learned about Buck, I couldn’t get enough.


Buck is an accomplished podcaster (over 125 episodes to date!), a prolific writer and an amazing speaker. The thing about Buck is that he can connect with just about anyone through his speaking, and it’s because he speaks in a way that is both articulate and down-to-earth. He doesn’t fool around with technical mumbo-jumbo and industry jargon because he knows that’s not going to connect with people!


So, someone like me, who knew very little about this business, was able to grasp what he was saying and really get to thinking about it all.


Now, that’s not to say Buck doesn’t go into some complex topics, but even then he does so in a clear and concise way. He has the heart of a teacher and truly wants everyone around him to succeed. Buck is the kind of guy that gets true satisfaction from watching others succeed. It’s not about making a fortune and leaving everyone else in the dust; he brings others along for the ride.


One of the best things I like about Buck is his focus on education. He’s not about selling a product or holding your hand and making you dependent on his wisdom. No, he’s about getting yourself educated, so you can take charge of your own finances and break away from the institutions that control us. Just like we are at SAO.


What I Learned from Buck

I’ve learned a heck of a lot from Buck.


One of the most useful tools I gained from Buck was his program, “Your Roadmap to Real Wealth.” It is essentially a collection of short snippet lessons that offer condensed little bites of information you can listen to anywhere. I listen on the treadmill, in the car, and especially when I’m traveling.


Ask anyone and you’ll learn that I am notorious for lacking focus. But even these videos are short and sweet enough to capture and keep my attention!


We all learn a little bit differently. Some of us are audio learners, some visual, and some are readers. Buck’s program is accessible to all learning styles. Your Roadmap to Real Wealth has audio, video and PDF files. So no matter which way you absorb knowledge, you’ll find success in this course.


And, it’s not just Buck talking! He has such an exceptional group of guest speakers: Tom Wheelwright, Kevin Day, Robert Helms and Russell Day, just to name a few.


Alright, I could go on and on. But you just have to check it out for yourself.



Listen, your financial freedom is at stake. You have to get educated and take control, if you want any shot at living your life on your own terms.


I want you to get educated. Invest time into your future. If you don’t get this program, well I think you may be beyond helping because this is seriously just what you need if you’re serious about your financial freedom.


Here’s the link again: Your Roadmap to Real Wealth


If you have any questions or doubts about the program, get in touch with us!


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