This week I want to introduce you to my friend, Bill Manassero. I really think Bill will resonate with much of our audience because he has a big WHY. Bill has over 20 years experience in corporate entrepreneurship. In addition, he has several career highlights, such as being interviewed by Oprah and producing a documentary with CNN in Haiti.


Bill’s “Why”: Child’s Hope International

After decades in the corporate world, Bill and his family started doing missionary work for orphan children in Haiti. They spent 11 years in Haiti. Bill remembers it as one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of his life. Bill and his wife Suzette even founded an organization called Child’s Hope International that helps the children of Haiti and gives back to local communities.


While he was working in Haiti, Bill started to give more thought to his own life and retirement plan. In his mid-50’s, it would be near impossible to come back to the U.S. and reenter the workforce. He didn’t have much of a plan and traditional retirement planning just wasn’t going to work.


Investing As The Primary Source of Income

Like myself and many of you, Bill started to think about real estate investing. Bill made his first real estate investment in 2014. He bought two single family homes and one duplex. The next year, he bought another duplex, and in 2016 he bought a 22-unit apartment building.

With every investment Bill had one goal in mind: cash flow. By generating significant passive cash flow, Bill was able to fund his retirement and give back to the causes he deeply cares about.


Success Means Having A Goal, A Plan, and Taking Action

Bill has a big goal: to reach 1,000 units/doors in his lifetime. And, I know he can do it. Bill is the kind of guy that takes education, research and planning very seriously.

Most importantly, he takes action.

It’s one thing to read 25 books here and 50 books there. But it doesn’t add up to much if you don’t actually do something. Bill rolls up his sleeves with the best of them. He learns new things, makes mistakes and continuously gets better at what he does. And just like us at SAO, he’s chasing financial freedom and he’s achieving it.


Bill Manassero is the host of The Old Dawg’s REI Network and a weekly blog and podcast targeted at people 50+ who invest in real estate. His audience are people who want to invest for retirement, create a legacy for their families, or contribute to charitable missions.


Do you want to learn about smart investing in multifamily real estate?

Or how to buy apartment complexes to create real cash flow?

Then Bill is your guy.


Check out Bill’s blog and podcast to get a real feel for what he has to offer.


Are you like Bill, and your Why is bigger than most people’s? Or do you just want to get on the path to financial freedom? Then contact us for opportunities and resources. We can help get you started.


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