What I’m about to tell you is truly shocking, and not just because of its severity as a stand alone fact, but also the fact that it is just the tip of the iceberg.


Here it is…


“The average American with a college degree pays approximately $500,000 in interest alone over their lifetime to a 3rd party (financial institution).”


This comes from the Fynanc Academy, a group of self-proclaimed “financial nerds who love to find and share financial shortcuts.”


We’ve touched on Fynanc Academy in a previous post and will elaborate on a bit further in this blog.


Now, that’s a SHOCKING number.


HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in interest alone.



Who Is Not on Your Side?

And, it gets worse… Don’t forget start up costs for opening or buying your small business, interest on house payments, equipment costs, private education for your kids, or whatever it is you choose to spend your money on.


I am sure that figure quickly creeps into the 7 figure range without even the blink of an eye.


Unfortunately, the financial systems of today work AGAINST the people — not for you, as you might imagine they would or should. It’s not like the time of our grandparents when savers were the winners.


Unfortunately, savers become the losers in today’s system, because with inflation and taxes, you can’t keep up, unless you have leverage. For most people, unless they have exceptional incomes and are at the same time the most frugal savers, they just can not keep up.


The federal government is spending way more money than it should, and that deficit spending is leading to inflation. Don’t pay attention to that CPI (Consumer Price Index) nonsense — I’m telling you that costs are going UP. Think about it — as more money is printed, costs have to rise!


The dollar becomes worth less money, hence inflation is rising under a more rapid rate than we’re privy to.


Basically what this means is, if you’re living 100% within your means all of the time, you still are going to be struggling to reach a never ending finish line.


How to Turn It Around in Your Favor

The point is, instead of paying other people interest, there are ways to be on the RECEIVING end of interest.


So, how can you do that?

  • Be your own banker.
  • Be a producer.


When you’re your own banker or lender, you’re receiving interest. Even in real estate, some people are just lenders, who lend money to those who flip houses or buildings. They are passive investors in this case. But they’ll get interest back.


As a producer, you’re receiving interest or payment for the good or service you are providing. For example, a landlord is a producer. You might have a loan on a house that you’re paying interest on, but you’re passing the cost of that interest along to the tenant.


Even a small business owner is a producer! If they have a loan on their building or equipment, they roll the cost into their goods or services. Again, they are passing the cost of the interest along to the consumer.


Real estate is a viable and lucrative way to be a producer without having a “real” business.


So, why do I tell you all this?


Not to depress you or scare you or make you regret how you’ve previously handled your finances, but to ENCOURAGE YOU to take action now; to educate yourself and learn how to take control of your own financial freedom, regardless of the nonsense of traditional financial “wisdom.”


One of my favorite resources that has opened my eyes is George Antone’s Fynanc Academy signature event, Hacking the Matrix.


What I love about this guy and his team is that they also have a WHY. Their mission is to make a big impact on people’s lives as they navigate through financial and legal situations, finding them the diamonds in the rough, the legal loopholes and strategies that have a serious impact on people’s quality of life.


I gotta admire the guy — he’s a true genius.


And, if you know me, you know I don’t just plug at random for personal gain. I want you to learn as much as I did, and I know Fynanc Academy is an incredible opportunity.



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