We’re starting something new here at SAO, because I’ve got such an incredible team, and I hardly get the chance to brag on them as much as I’d like! I mean really, I get to work with the most fantastic human beings.


Starting now, we’re dedicating one post per month to our Employee of The Month! We want you all, our readers, to get to know the people behind the scenes who make what we do possible each and every day. Every deal, connection, event, blog post or book that we put out is made possible by these incredible folks.


All that blood, sweat and tears, and you may not even know their names! Well, I think that’s just silly, so it’s about time you met our team.


This month, we’re kicking things off with our most long standing team member. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She’s been my number one cheerleader, support system, and most trusted advisor.


She is none other than Mrs. Mary Stryker — my wife!


For many of you who have run your own business, you know how important it is to have someone in your corner. Someone who always “has your back,” every step of the way. It can be a lonely road, battling every manner of people and institutions just to make your business run. Mary’s kept me out of trouble more times than I can count, and set me back on track those many times a screw or two came loose, and I just about lost it!


Indeed, Mary is the yin to my yang, calm to my crazy, peanut butter to my jelly…


Whenever we started this journey of financial freedom together, we knew absolutely nothing. We didn’t have a real “plan”; we just knew we couldn’t keep on doing what we were doing. Now, you’ve heard me tell this story a hundred times, and many of you are probably wondering what Mary thought of the whole thing.


Let’s Hear It in Her Own Words:


“What was it that made me decide to jump in? Basically it took someone being brutally honest with us about where we were, what our plans were and making us realize that there was a path to financial freedom. A real ah-ha moment. I could also see the relief on Ross’s face and his excitement as we were introduced to this opportunity to take our future into our own hands.


Personally it was a no brainer. The introduction to real estate investing was very thorough and though overwhelming, made sense. A whole new world opened up. One factor that drew me to this new and unfamiliar concept was that what we were involved in was making a big difference in many other lives besides our own. To help others and to have a chance to change their lives as well is awesome.



This new path we are on has given us peace of mind, the comfort of knowing we can step away from the practice and still keep the lifestyle we are used to. We can give as we wish and will have the time to do what we want, when we want. Now that is freedom!”


Quite the writer too, huh?


For couples looking to invest together, Mary and I can offer a few words of advice.

Investing As A Couple

Talk about money.

If you want to make this work, you have to get over the idea that money is a taboo topic. Don’t wait till it’s too late and things have blown up in your face to get honest with each other.


Make a plan.

What does financial freedom mean to you as a couple? Is there a dollar amount you both want to achieve? A lifestyle that you aspire to?


Where do your goals align? Where do they diverge? Make it a routine to sit down regularly and communicate your goals, so there is a mutual understanding from both sides.


Work as a team.

You’re in this together; for better or worse. Every success or loss you will feel as a team.


This also means getting educated together! Go to conferences, join Mastermind groups, download audiobooks, share articles — increase your financial education in tandem, and talk about what you learn.


Make the most of your mistakes.

Financial challenges can be some of the most difficult for couples to cope with. It can even be as severe as a make or break situation. One thing I can say for sure: never play the blame game!


Know each other’s strengths.

Like I said, there have been countless times when Mary’s had to reel me in and keep me sane. When I’m ready to pull the cord, she brings me back to reality.


Another thing my wife is amazing at is having an innate intuition for bad deals. I tell you what, when Mary says “no”, it’s for good reason. She has that sort of tingly, spidey sense that I’m forever in awe of!


So, that wraps up our first edition of Employee of The Month.


Mary, thank you for everything you do. From the whole SAO team and me, we couldn’t do it without you!


Do you and your spouse think about investing to gain financial freedom?

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We are starting to introduce our team here at SAO with Employee of the Month posts! See who is hard at work to make our investment dreams into realities.