It’s here again! Our Employee of the Month post!


You know the saying: people do business with those they know, like and trust. Well, we certainly want you to like and trust us, so first we have to get to know one another.


That is why Employee of the Month posts are so important. I want you to know the SAO team, what each person does, what they bring to the table, and why each person is so integral to the success of our opportunities.


Plus… it’s just a great opportunity for me to brag on my stellar team.


Without further ado… Let me introduce yet another very special member of our team: Ivee.



What Ivee Brings to Our Team

Ivee is our newest amazing team member. In the short time Ivee has been with us, she has proven to be such an asset, that we wonder how we possibly could have lived without her.


Ivee provides services like email management, lead generations, internet research, time tracking, creating and updating CRM, and other administrative items. BUT more importantly, she brings incredible ideas to our team that will benefit our investors.


Ivee has learned not to ignore the small wins. To her, all efforts mean that you care about your job and that you are willing to do what needs to be done. She’s not afraid to share ideas and suggestions that will surely help the team.



More About Ivee

Prior to joining SAO, Ivee worked in the corporate world for more than 15 years.


As a mother of three, family is very important to Ivee, so she wanted to maintain a career that could provide for her children’s future. Her role as a virtual assistant allows her to maintain a family-focused life while still providing our team with the amazing skills she brings to the table.


After being with our team for several months, we are really grateful to have her as part of the Smart Asset Opportunity team.


On our virtual meetings every morning, she keeps us motivated with a smile on her face and a desire to help us better serve the people we reach out to. Ivee joins in our daily banter, where we try to encourage each other, laugh, celebrate our wins, sing each other happy birthday songs, and continue to grow and learn together.


Ivee has been married to her husband for 18 years, and they have three beautiful children. She is a proud mom as her children are consistent achievers and honor students in their classes. During weekends, they usually dine in different restaurants nearby with her family and enjoy each other’s company.



Ivee, we can’t say enough how grateful we are to have you on our team! You bring great value not only to us, but also to our investors. And we look forward to seeing you grow with the SAO team.



We hope these introductions make you excited to join our amazing SAO team! A network of individuals like these is priceless! Contact us to learn more and to find out about our investment opportunities.


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Employee of the Month: Ivee
We introduce another stellar member of the SAO team! See what Ivee does with us and what she can do for investors who join us.