“Focus on momentum, not perfection.”

-Author Unknown


When you think about achieving financial freedom, what comes to mind?

Your actions?

Your mindset?

Something else?

Real change and accomplishment comes from within you. It’s not just the actions you take to achieve your goals, but the mindset you have.

The New Year is a popular time to revisit old goals, establish new ones, and pave your way through the future. But, ANY TIME is a good time to make a change. YOU have the power to choose NOW to finally become financially free.

The problem many people make with setting goals is only looking at the surface. They focus on what they need to accomplish and take tangible steps to produce a specific outcome.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you might try eating less sugary foods. Dieting is a specific action you can measure and track.

But what if instead of focusing on the action, you focused on your mindset. If you want to lose weight AND keep it off, you work on changing your attitude towards food and the attachment you feel towards certain foods.

The same concept applies to all kinds of goals, including financial freedom.


Look Beyond the Surface of Your Goals:

  • Get creative.

Think outside the box. You probably already have a benchmark of how your goals can be achieved. Now, consider how you can do things differently.

Traditionally, the wealthy got right by playing the stock markets. Now, with more skepticism and distrust of large financial markets, investors are looking towards alternative investments to earn more money and enjoy the process.

Alternative investments could include real estate, property or other assets such as ATMs. Ask us about our projects.


  • Be patient.

Patience is your key to success. Don’t expect amazing results overnight. Be prepared to put in the effort. Immediate gratification doesn’t hold a handle to long-term rewards.

Just like any other goal, if you want to achieve something lasting, you need to be prepared for the hard work. If financial freedom is something you want well into retirement, don’t take shortcuts or look for the easy way out.


  • Know your vision.

Can you see your future? Whatever your goal, you have to be able to visualize it. Understand where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow.

It’s not enough just to say you’re going to do something. You have to know your purpose. Commit to it day in and day out. Make your vision your own, share it with others, and find partners who will support and keep you accountable.


  • Be adaptable.

Always be ready for change. You never know when the perfect opportunity is going to arise — will you be ready? It’s not just a question of financial preparedness, but also your mental state and willingness to take on a challenge.

Anyone can operate in their comfort zone. It’s those people pushing the boundaries and redefining their limits who achieve true financial freedom.


Take Control of Your Financial Freedom

You can create the future you’ve always wanted. We can help.

Get Started with the Smart Asset Formula.


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Changing the Way You Think About Financial Freedom
Real change and accomplishment comes from within. It’s not just the actions you take to achieve your goals, but the mindset you have.