Traditional investing – stocks, bonds, Wall Street… who’s really in control of all this and who is benefiting from this stuff, let alone enjoying it?  Let’s face it – the system is rigged and the only winners are not you and me.

As I started to take a closer look at our finances and the investments we had made, I realized all I had on my hands was a load of lazy money. That’s right, my money wasn’t working hard enough for me. In fact, it was making less than 5% return on investment. Factoring in the real inflation rate (not the contrived numbers that Washington tries to sell us), we were losing ground – lazy money!

Alternative investments completely changed my perspective and propelled me to share everything I’ve come to learn.


The Case For Alternative Investing

1. No more lazy money!

Most certificates of deposit and bonds yield staggeringly low returns. Is that really where you want to put your money – losing ground to inflation every year?

And Wall Street – do you really understand what you are investing in and with electronic trading? D you really think that little guys like you and me control anything?

I am sure your financial planner has convinced you that you will do much better on Wall Street. But I challenge you to go to this link for a sobering view from a Wall Street insider You are definitely a pawn in a game that is stealing the retirement future of hard working Americans.  Your whole life and career you’ve probably thought, “these are my only options.”

But that’s not true!

Alternative investments work for you, give you more investment options, and yield higher returns that are secured by something tangible – a real asset.  That, my friend, is Smart Asset Investing!



2. Invest in areas you have more control over and more choices.

Alternative investments are all about choice.

What are you interested in? Real estate, agriculture, equipment, trends in demographics — the possibilities are endless. Consider how your areas you already have knowledge in may translate into an investment opportunity.



3. Unlimited options.

Diversification is a serious buzz word when it comes to investments, and for good reason.

Grandma used to tell us – it’s better to not put all your eggs in one basket. Better yet, if one market begins to take a downturn, you’re covered in other areas of your portfolio.

With alternative investments, you can invest in different asset classes (from apartment complexes to Coffee Farms), not to mention different geographic areas – even countries.



4. Get out of the day-to-day grind.

After running a small business for over 20 years, I eventually hit a wall.

How long was I going to be keep exchanging my hours for dollars?

How could I possibly find the time to enjoy my family, friends and hobbies, when I still had to be at the office every day?

Alternative investing gave me the freedom to prepare for a comfortable retirement and maintain a steady stream of income. Within just two years of alternative investing, our passive income surpassed that of our business income.  

All this to say: your freedom should not be measured just by how much you earn, but also by who controls your hours. And is that you, or someone else?



5. Work with trusted partners.

Because we’ve had so much success with alternative investing we feel obligated to share everything we know with others.

Our newest passion project is helping others achieve their success however they define it. When you work with Smart Asset Opportunities, we’re in it with you, every step of the way.  We don’t just talk the talk – we WALK the talk and invest our money in the same areas that we would talk to you about.

Go ahead – ask your current investment advisor to invest their money alongside your money – if you lose – they lose …  good luck with that. Our goal is to educate fellow investors, so they can be sure they’re making the right decisions for them.


Do You Know Your WHY?

Your WHY is your purpose and reason for investing – a quicker path to financial freedom, more free time, a bigger legacy to leave.  Come to us with your WHY and we’ll help you find your HOW.

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5 Reasons to Drop Everything & Learn About Alternative Investing!
Alternative investments completely changed my perspective and propelled me to share everything I’ve come to learn. Below are the most compelling reasons in the case for alternative investing.